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Becoming a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor/Educator/Education-Consultant

NZACPE monitors the formation of and accreditation of:
Clinical Pastoral Supervisors (Level One) and
Clinical Pastoral Educators (Level Two) and
Clinical Pastoral Education-Consultants (Level Three)
in terms of Standards established by the Australian and New Zealand Association for CPE.

Searching Reviews (conducted by Review Committees of five Australasian Supervisors/Educators/Consultants) precede each step.

Rigorous academic standards and pastoral skills are required at all Levels.

Also comprehensive Reviews of every accredited Clinical Pastoral Supervisor/Educator/Consultant
are conducted at regular intervals throughout a Supervisor’s/Educator’s/Consultant’s practice.

List of Standards
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Preface to ANZACPE’s Accreditation Standards

Clinical Pastoral Supervisor (Level 1) Accreditation Standards

Clinical Pastoral Educator (Level 2) Accreditation Standards

Clinical Pastoral Education-Consultant (Level 3) Accreditation Standards

Bibliography for Clinical Pastoral Supervisors/Educators/Education-Consultants

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The Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry published by The Journal of Pastoral Care Publications beginning Vol 1, 1977.

This publication is now called Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry and is available online at

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